Friday, April 27, 2007

Save Internet Radio

SomaFm general manager has some great updates regarding the state of internet radio.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

What are we remembering today?

After watching a few hundred advertisments over the weekend for:

"The Path to 9/11"
"9/11 Commemorative Coins"

I've been jaded.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fighting Terrorism 2.0

Terrorists are Fame Whores. Bottem line. They live for 'the glory'. If they suicide bomb a school bus, they know it will get publicity and someone will find that note they left which claims responsibility. They want the glory for martyrdom. This is why Zacharias Moussaoui
wanted the death sentence rather than serving life in prison...for the glory of martrydom. Otherwise, he would be left to rot in a cell where he would soon be forgotten. This is why these clowns in Gaza want to deal with the US to release thier bretheren from jails in trade for the journalists....they're needed elsewhere so they can be glorfied. Face it, they are useless if they get caught and jailed...they become forgotten. Can't have that because they need this Jihadic Street Team out there marketing for the cause.

I've been thinking this for years even when the closest form of terrorism we had in the US was gang wars. Some gang would shoot up a 7-11, tag it and get on the news...and all the while I'm yelling at the TV news people about how moronic they are for showing the pictures and telling the story the way they do....why not sell the gang advertising space? Make them a sponsor?

The weather is brought to you by "4th st Vice Lords...tradition, honor, community"

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks this way. Bruce Schneier runs a blog on security and security tech and has some interesting insight

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Schneier On Security

Friday, August 18, 2006

It it time to call BS on BIG OIL?

About a year ago, here in GA, we had quite a SNAFU. Katrina came through the gulf and appearently messed up all the oil pumps. To top that off, the were shutting down the gas pipeline to GA.....and then all hell broke loose. Gas prices went up, people were panicing...lines of was the early 70's all over again. And prices never dipped below the mid-$2 range after that. forward...last month the crisis in the middle east kicked up a notch...gas prices were the highest they'd been since the year before...and what happen? Corrosion in the alaska was built up to be a really big problem with no resolution in view untill early 2007. People expected prices to go up.....yet what happend?

Here in GA, the current average is about 2.83...about .20 cheeper than it was two weeks ago. What have I missed? Did the prices drop...did they fix the problem...are we getting oil from another location. Sure, I know OIL is different from actual gas...but still..what the hell?

Getting to the point, I think last year's pipeline cutoff may have been a test....a test to see how the public would react if the supply was cut off and how far they could push the prices before Joe Average is firing off headshots with an aluminum bat like Sammy Sosa. Maybe they didn't have to cut anything off....maybe the prices didn't have to go up. How is Alaska different? Well, oil line for one...but it also feeds the country, I'm guessing. I'm no expert, mind you...

But the point is that if in one part of the coutnry you have a pipeline that gets cut off and gas prices go through the roof...why wouldn't they do the same when you have an OIL line feeding the continental US? Prices went DOWN, too boot.

So, yeah, I'm calling BS on that thing last year. I may be wrong..and I'll admit to it if I am..until then...BS!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A moment to breathe

I haven't posted in a few days...

I'm uncreative.....

I'm trying to think of a clever "THE OFFICE" reference to make....but nothing comes to mind.....

It would be rather funny to see Dwight right now, though....

Thursday, August 03, 2006 neutrality

Follow the link and watch the video...and think really hard about how badly you don't want 'THE MAN" meddling with whats is being considered the last line of true freedom..

We Are The Web

Friday, July 28, 2006

We Be be Illin

Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon claimed that Israel got the global 'OK' to continue it's bombing campaign....seemingly under the pretense that since the world powers that met in Rome recently couldn't come to a unanimous decision to demand a ceasefire, that it was 'OK'.

Um...Haim, there are a couple of really catchy statements regarding the word ASSUME:

I quote "Assumption is the mother of all f***ups."

(edit) Turn on the the [ BBC ]

Yes sir, you can search my laptop

Stuart Romm exiting the plane from a flight from Las Vegas to BC, Canada. Border agents detained him (randomly, I'm sure..wink wink) for questioning and after learning that he had a criminal background, started searching his laptop (for records of tax evasion, illeagle MP3s or WMDs, I'm guessing). Well, after looking through his web browser's history, they found...taa daaa!!!! Kiddie Porn Sites.....and detained him even further.

So now I have to think twice about shooting pictures or video of my kids swiming on vacation for fear of getting randomly detained by security and my camera's contents audited. I better get rid of those diaper pictures of me...

Yes, they can search that now [Ars Technica]