Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fighting Terrorism 2.0

Terrorists are Fame Whores. Bottem line. They live for 'the glory'. If they suicide bomb a school bus, they know it will get publicity and someone will find that note they left which claims responsibility. They want the glory for martyrdom. This is why Zacharias Moussaoui
wanted the death sentence rather than serving life in prison...for the glory of martrydom. Otherwise, he would be left to rot in a cell where he would soon be forgotten. This is why these clowns in Gaza want to deal with the US to release thier bretheren from jails in trade for the journalists....they're needed elsewhere so they can be glorfied. Face it, they are useless if they get caught and jailed...they become forgotten. Can't have that because they need this Jihadic Street Team out there marketing for the cause.

I've been thinking this for years even when the closest form of terrorism we had in the US was gang wars. Some gang would shoot up a 7-11, tag it and get on the news...and all the while I'm yelling at the TV news people about how moronic they are for showing the pictures and telling the story the way they do....why not sell the gang advertising space? Make them a sponsor?

The weather is brought to you by "4th st Vice Lords...tradition, honor, community"

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks this way. Bruce Schneier runs a blog on security and security tech and has some interesting insight

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Schneier On Security


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