Friday, July 28, 2006

We Be be Illin

Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon claimed that Israel got the global 'OK' to continue it's bombing campaign....seemingly under the pretense that since the world powers that met in Rome recently couldn't come to a unanimous decision to demand a ceasefire, that it was 'OK'.

Um...Haim, there are a couple of really catchy statements regarding the word ASSUME:

I quote "Assumption is the mother of all f***ups."

(edit) Turn on the the [ BBC ]

Yes sir, you can search my laptop

Stuart Romm exiting the plane from a flight from Las Vegas to BC, Canada. Border agents detained him (randomly, I'm sure..wink wink) for questioning and after learning that he had a criminal background, started searching his laptop (for records of tax evasion, illeagle MP3s or WMDs, I'm guessing). Well, after looking through his web browser's history, they found...taa daaa!!!! Kiddie Porn Sites.....and detained him even further.

So now I have to think twice about shooting pictures or video of my kids swiming on vacation for fear of getting randomly detained by security and my camera's contents audited. I better get rid of those diaper pictures of me...

Yes, they can search that now [Ars Technica]

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm not normally one to get involved in politics or state of the union, good-government BS, but the time has come for me to start speaking up and say what I think needs to be heard. Thusly, I created Smertbomb. I live in GA, the spelling is my little way of making fun of the country-bumpkins that say stuff like "I ain't skeered" and "We ain't all about that fancy book-lernin." There are lot's of them here. It's funny.

So, on with the show....